Matchmaker Millie Updates


With Valentine's Day coming up, we've just updated Matchmaker Millie with a new game mode, "Timeless Mode". In this mode, play on any of the venues you've unlocked for as long as you can and try and get a high score, until you create a mis-match. Millie needs to match make as many couples as she can for Valentine's Day! It's loads of fun :)

We also recently did a Q&A with Gizmodo about developing games as a couple which was pretty exciting. You can read the article here. The article was also reposted on Lifehacker

Some nice reviews of the game have also being published:

"At the end of the day, Matchmaker Millie is a phenomenal new arcade game for the iPad and iPhone..."
The iPhone App Review

"The graphics are vibrant and cute and the gameplay is not only fun but also addictive."
No Brainer App Reviews

"...has all the elements (including a split screen multiplayer mode) to make it a touch screen success."
- ArcadeLife

"I found myself playing Matchmaker Millie whenever I had a moment of spare time."
- iPhoneGamerUK

Thank you everyone for your support. More updates are coming soon, so stay tuned!


Matchmaker Millie is now available on the App Store!

Download it for iOS from the App Store here :)


Matchmaker Millie coming to the App Store on the 23rd of January

Matchmaker Millie will be coming out on the 23rd of January. Keep an eye out for it on the App Store, and check out the new trailer which has footage of the multiplayer split screen mode!


Matchmaker Millie coming end of January!

Happy New Year everyone!! :)

Just finished implementing split screen multiplayer support for Matchmaker Millie and adding a few small touches before submitting to the App Store. The game should be released by the end of January, in time for Valentines Day :)

Stay tuned!


Matchmaker Millie - Coming soon to the App Store!