Make (another) game in 2 weeks. Go!

I had so much fun being a ninja and cranking out a game in two weeks the last time I did it that I've decided to take 2 weeks and do it again, before I start on a major project.

This time it's a game inspired by this picture HoobyGroovy uploaded last week.

I spent a little bit of time planning out the game on the weekend:

Basically, the game is about monster couples, at some meetup venue. The monster couples have decided to wear matching colours so they can easily find each other at the venue. What you need to do is guide the monsters to each other, but don't let the wrong coloured monsters run into each other, or there will be trouble!

I spent the first day today getting the basics of the game up and running and have a rudimentary playable game where I could experiment with the gameplay. I've uploaded a video so you can see what the gameplay will be like:

As you can see, the control scheme is quite simple, you basically press a monster, and it will follow your finger, and remain going in that direction when you let go. You need to guide the same coloured monsters to each other, and not let different coloured monsters touch each other.

Again, the goal is to have a completed and polished game, ready to submit to the App Store in 2 weeks time, on the 9th of July.

I'll be updating regularly on Twitter, and will do at least a half-way report blog post as well. Stay tuned!

Wish me luck :) (again)

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Can't wait to see this one! I loved the look of the prototype you showed me at Game Masters Forum!

- Muz :)

July 8, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMUZBOZ

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